NO BEEF! Tekno, Danfo Drivers Spotted Together

NO BEEF! Tekno, Danfo Drivers Spotted Together

Nairahubs Fresh Update!! earlier reported that Danfo Drivers called out Tekno for sampling their material without permission and threatened to confront the Jogodo singer. However, it appears there has been an overnight change of position and both parties are now good.

Hours after the video showing the Danfo Drivers call out Tekno went viral on the internet, reports went round that Tekno reached out to them and a meeting was in the works.

Tekno has now confirmed that he has straightened things up with the group via an Instagram post. The singer shared a picture of himself hanging out with them and captioned it with ‘Love #slimdanfo

See his post below.

Love 💚💛❤ #slimdanfo

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Call Or Whatsapp: (07062770326) To Get Your Song Here!

Call Or Whatsapp: (07062770326) To Get Your Song Here!

Updated: 05/11/2018 — 3:46 pm


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  15. brad wanted to re-comment and say yep still really enjoying this but can i request you re-record the first section acoustic? we can all see past the noise but i think it distracts attention for me but the rest of the song is clean and i’m free to roll in the sublime harmonies floating around me….pretty please record just the first acoustic section and i’ll be a happy man…lol

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  21. What a sweet glimpse into the early days of the S.S.C. especially for the younger generations who were not a part of it. I love that picture of you and Babaji, and all the pictures of your wife who I never got to meet. Thanks for sharing Mahesh

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